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We are only truly alive, when we are stretching ourselves.


We have to go thru what we don't want in order to find what we DO want.

In our youth we usually do not even know what we want.

But by experience and process of elimination
what we DO want unfolds and reveals itself.

The journey of exploring options and opportunity!

That is why we should not lock ourselves into situations that are familiar and comfortable. When we live inside a box, we stop growing, but even worse - we stop discovering. That is a comfortable kind of misery that makes a person perish slowly within their soul. It is the "settled for" life.
We must face our fears and dance upon their fringes!
We are only truly alive, when we are streeeeeetching ourselves!
Let the negative things be the motivator to move forward. Metamorphosis and innovation comes from having the lack of necessities.
The desire for better things is not what drives us.
Rather we are more driven by the fear of losing something.
Fear is stronger than desire.
People don't usually change their life, when they are comfortable.
They improve their situation, when they HAVE to.
Life imposes change upon us.

We are more apt to use our creativity, when we are lacking necessities.

Within our own self-reflection we must ask ourselves:

  • 1.What is it that I absolutely cannot live without?
  • 2.What talents and assets do I have to get what I want?
  • 3.If I do not have talents or assets...how and where can I get them? Is there a person or a certain place that has abundance of what I want? Where can I obtain partnership or education to strengthen my skill set? Life is a teacher and risk is life's tool for teaching. Why? Because risk is all about facing our fear and getting out of our comfort zone. We only grow, when we are exercising our faith. Overcoming fear builds faith. Faith is the opposite of fear.
  • 4.The bottom line to all we do is love. Without love we have nothing! The addition of love to our character is the only thing we can TAKE BEYOND the grave...it is also the only thing we can LEAVE BEHIND for others.

These are the human necessities for happiness. Once these are obtained, then we can start seeking luxuries and self-actualization.

  • 1.Shelter
  • 2.Food
  • 3.Water
  • 4.Companionship (family, friends, and mate)

Three of those needs are physical while the other fills our spiritual being.

We must also ask:

  • 1.What do I want?
  • 2.When do I want it?
  • 3.What am I willing to give for it?
  • 4.What am I willing to give up for it?

What do YOU want?
What is it that you want soooo bad that it hurts you inside not to have it?
Figure out what that is and then chase it with wild abandon!

We are not truly living until we find something worth dying for.

essay by Kasey Cole Braun

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