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"I do not claim to have any original thoughts.
My poetry is a variety of input from multiple sources that is mixed up, shaken, and stirred within a recipe of random and incompatible ingredients. It all seems like surrealistic ramblings...symbols and metaphors...sometimes it just flows like a faucet of nonsense...static from my mind. ... I try to re-organize it into something comprehendible... I just hope somebody gets something out of my writings. It is open to interpretation and you can give it your own meaning."

- Kasey Cole Braun

These writings are my thoughts on various ideas both real and abstract. Opinions, convictions, principles and theories are presented in compositions to convey a vivid and imaginitive sense of experience structured in rhyme and metaphor. While not all ideas will appeal to every genre of personality, I hope, however, that you find something here you like - maybe something that touches a familiar nerve or inspires you to think deeper about topics you never considered. Please contact the author if you have inquiries or comments about the meaning of any verse. These writings are NOT for sale. All rights are reserved with (KC) Kasey Cole Braun and quasicreator. Some subjects may be used with permission for published and performed media accompanied with written agreement.