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Watching Vicissitude

image of storms
I was watching the weather
Watching her change her mind
She seldom does what she says
Her predictions I cannot depend
Moods swinging from thunder
To alternate shine on my face
She is warm to me one day
Frigid the next
She is a manic overcast
While bright and cheerful
Depressive with grey
She is everywhere I go
Always in my atmosphere
Thrills me with lightning
Chills me with the frost
Her voice blows my mind!
Her wet kisses on my cheek
Low pressure / high pressure
Calm and intense
A forecast of laughter
I tried to harness her on occasion
Squeezing those clouds with persuasion
I could not convince her to be consistent
She will conduct events her own way
Soothing yet slapping
I held out my hand to catch her tears
The rain flooded the world around my feet
I thought for certain she would drown me
Then I saw a wink in the eye of her storm...